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Welcome to our new Concierge Mérida office! We can’t wait to meet you and show you our beautifully designed space, located at Bistro Cultural on Calle 66. With our perfect location, we’re excited to bring more cultural events to this great space and build new relationships within our community!

On our local office

enjoy the activities provided
by our local experts

Mérida, previously the Cultural Capital of Latin America, is known for the variety of events which take place throughout the year. We are bursting with enthusiasm and eager for you to meet some of our incredible local guides and experts who will be joining us as we host eventson a weekly basis. 

From morning yoga or pilates sessions to weekly language exchange, monthly workshops to live music evenings, wine tasting to cooking classes, we’ve got something for everyone. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details about our events which will immerse you in our local community.

One of our main goals is to support the local community. We continuously work closely with the guides, craftspeople and experts who have been doing this for years and wish to share their culture and customs with you. If you have any suggestions or would like to collaborate with us, drop us a message!

Our Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality
of Customer Care and Service

How it started

Moving from one country to another can be difficult, specially with cultural and language barriers. After residing in the Yucatan for over 10 years, we have had the privilege to work with amazing professionals who can help our expat community in their daily tasks. Concierge Merida was born with the goal to bring you together with our trustworthy and reliable service providers.

Our Mission

We know how difficult it is to express your ideas and needs without knowing the local language. We are here to make your life easier by creating  dependable communication, professional care and hassle-free solutions.  Our services are not limited so feel free to send us a message, if we are unable to assist you, we will point you in the right direction.

Concierge Mérida Team

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Tin is the General Manager of Concierge Merida. Tin was raised in the USA and has lived in Merida since 2009.

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Seb is the founder of Concierge Merida. He was born in France but has spent many years traveling and living in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Guillaume worked in France and has made a career in the tourism industry.

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Adelind was also born in France and moved to Merida in 2018. He has built a career in the tourism industry.

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